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Cuxlin Ha Resort is also for Sale, inquire here info@southernrealty-belize.com

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About the Owners

Visit Cuxlin Ha and Explore Belize.

Belize is Paradise. Dona and Gayle Scafe have been running Cuxlin Ha since December of 1999

Dona and Gayle have been in Belize for 18 years teaching the locals and helping them develop work skills.

Their experience with the locals ensures you'll have an amazing time visiting Belize.

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All Dinners are Served Family Buffet Style. All Others By Plate

Breakfast: $7.00 per person

Lunch: $8.00 per person

Dinner: $15.00 per person

Note: All Full Day Expeditions Include Lunch at No Additional Charge

Click Read More Below to View All Pricing Information.

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Youth Hostel, All Inclusive Packages and More!

Enjoy Belize in Style nestled in Punta Gorda, Belize just outside of town Cuxlin Ha has a room just for you!

Click Read More below to view the prices and available accomodations.

No matter what your budget is, we have the room for you.

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Cuxlin Ha is located 10 miles Northwest of Punta Gorda.

The most southern city in Belize, and is 2 miles off of the San Antonio Road on Poppyshaw Road and can be reached in 3 accessible ways.

1. Your Own Automobile using the Western, Hummingbird, Southern Highway and San Antonio Road from Belize City. [We can help you rent a car.]

2. Public Bus Service that runs from Belize City, through Belmopan to Punta Gorda; Express Bus leaves twice daily $14. Ask to be dropped off at “Eldridgeville” and we will send a car out for you if we know when you are coming. Cost $10

3. Tropic Air Line to Punta Gorda; we give about a 5% discount price per person one way.

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Popular Activities in Belize

  • Birding in Belize +

    Belize supports 543 species of birds. Birds thrive in all of Belize's habitats. Wading birds congregate along the coastline and inner lagoons. The grasslands and savannas provide seeds for the many finches, and nesting trees for the giant jabiru Stork. And the tropical forests There is an astonishing diversity of bird species. Read More
  • Snorkeling in Belize +

    Many people enjoy the ease and freedom of snorkeling in the warm clear tropical waters of Belize’s Caribbean reef and seacoast, where some of the most beautiful underwater scenes are to be found in the better lit and more abundant shallower waters. Read More
  • Fishing in Belize +

    Whether it's Fly Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, or Trolling Belize has more than 17 different species that will make your vacation one to remember. Read More
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